Noun: приветствие


welcome change - желанные перемены

eager welcome - энергичное приветствие

to accord a hearty welcome - оказать радушный прием

enthusiastic welcome - восторженный приём

welcome news - приятные новости

open-armed welcome - радушный приём

amid cries of welcome - среди приветственных возгласов

welcome task - благодарный труд

warm welcome / reception - сердечный приём

to wear out smb.'s welcome - злоупотреблять чьим-л. гостеприимством

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I welcome you to my office. - Рад вас видеть у себя в конторе.

Welcome to London! - Добро пожаловать в Лондон!

Mary made us very welcome. - Мэри приняла нас очень радушно.

Hello, welcome home. - Здравствуйте, добро пожаловать домой.

I welcome your proposals. - С радостью выслушаю ваши предложения.

They welcomed us warmly. - Они тепло нас встретили.

We gave them a rousing welcome. - Мы оказали им горячий приём.

You are welcome to join us. - Будем рады, если Вы к нам присоединитесь.

We welcome you to the show. - Мы рады приветствовать вас на выставке.

Welcome backit's good to see you again. - С возвращением, рад снова вас видеть.

That will be a welcome change. - Эти перемены будут как нельзя кстати.

He is welcome to use my library. - Я охотно позволяю ему пользоваться моей библиотекой.

A cup of tea would be very welcome. - Чашечка чая пришлась бы очень кстати.

We welcomed them to our city. - Мы радушно приняли их в нашем городе.

I didn't feel welcome in the club. - В этом клубе мне было неуютно.

You are welcome to visit the hospital at any time. - Можете приходить в больницу в любое время.

She welcomed me with good white wine. - Она встретила меня добрым белым вином.

I had the feeling I wasn't really welcome. - Я чувствовал, что мне не очень-то рады.

They offered a warm welcome to the stranger. - Они оказали чужестранцу радушный приём.

We try to make the new students feel welcome. - Мы стараемся сделать так, чтобы новые студенты чувствовали себя, как дома.

He's a bright student who welcomes a challenge. - Это умный студент, который не боится сложностей.

The weekend was a welcome break from the pressures of work. - Выходные дали долгожданную передышку от напряжённой работы.

The immigrants received a cool welcome to their new country. - Новая страна приняла эмигрантов холодно.

He returned to a hero's welcome. - Его встречали как героя.

This new funding will come as a welcome boost for the industry. - Новые финансовые вливания дадут столь желанный толчок к развитию этой отрасли промышленности.

The proposal got a warm welcome. - Предложение было встречено радушно.

I must be there to welcome my guests. - Я должен быть там, чтобы встретить гостей.

She welcomed the students into her home. - Она пригласила студентов к себе в дом.

Six months in Scotland would make a welcome change from London. - Полгода в Шотландии будут как нельзя кстати после опостылевшего Лондона.

He was a welcome sight. - Видеть его было радостно.

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Связанные термины:

bid welcome: to receive with cordial greetings

welcome mat: a doormat

welcome bonus: A bonus is something good that you get in addition to something else, and which you would not usually expect .

welcome guest: A guest is someone who is visiting you or is at an event because you have invited them.

Welcome Wagon: a welcoming service that provides information about a community to new residents

hero's welcome: a very enthusiastic reception from a group of people who show their admiration for something good that you have done

welcome relief: If something provides relief from pain or distress, it stops the pain or distress.

welcome respite: A respite is a short period of rest from something unpleasant .

you're welcome: You say ' You're welcome ' to someone who has thanked you for something in order to acknowledge their thanks in a polite way .

welcome arrivals: You can refer to someone who has just arrived at a place as a new arrival .

welcome reminder: Something that serves as a reminder of another thing makes you think about the other thing.

make sb welcome: If you make someone welcome or make them feel welcome, you make them feel happy and accepted in a new place.

donations are welcome: A donation is something which someone gives to a charity or other organization.

outstay one's welcome: to stay (at a party, on a visit, etc) longer than pleases the host or hostess

overstay one's welcome: to stay (at a party, on a visit, etc) longer than pleases the host or hostess

welcome the announcement: An announcement is a statement made to the public or to the media which gives information about something that has happened or that will happen.

welcome the appointment: The appointment of a person to a particular job is the choice of that person to do it.

wear out one's welcome: to come more often or stay longer than is acceptable or pleasing

welcome the opportunity to: An opportunity is a situation in which it is possible for you to do something that you want to do.

to outstay your welcome to overstay your welcome: If you say that someone outstays their welcome or overstays their welcome, you mean that they stay somewhere longer than they are wanted or expected to.

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Однокоренные слова:

unwelcome - нежелательный, нежеланный, непрошеный
welcoming - приветственный

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