Adverb: хорошо вполне отлично значительно
Adjective: хороший здоровый
Interjection: что ж ну
Noun: колодец скважина добро источник
Verb: хлынуть ключом бить ключом


all's well that ends well - посл. всё хорошо, что хорошо кончается

to bear oneself well - вести себя хорошо

to be well connected - иметь большие связи

cut to fit well - вырезанный точно по размеру

to cut up well - оставить после смерти большое состояние

deep well - глубокий колодец

equally well - с тем же успехом

forecast works well - прогноз выполняется

car that handles well - послушный в управлении автомобиль

you may well say so - совершенно верно

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He paints well. - Он хорошо рисует.

She was a well of information. - Она была кладезем информации.

Tears well in her eyes - Её глаза наполнились слезами

He was well spoken of. - О нём хорошо отзывались.

Well, that's the last one done. - Итак, это последний. (из того, что нужно сделать)

Tears welled into her eyes as she spoke these words. (A. Radcliffe) - У неё на глазах выступили слезы, когда она произносила эти слова.

Anger welled up within him. - В его душе закипел гнев.

Did you sleep well? - Ты хорошо спал?

They live well. - Они живут хорошо.

That was well funny! - Это было так смешно!

I don't feel very well. - Я не очень хорошо себя чувствую. / Что-то мне нехорошо.

I'll nothing speak of you but well. (S. T. Coleridge) - Я ничего не скажу о вас, кроме хорошего.

You don't look so well. - Ты неважно выглядишь.

Well, so Steve got the job? - Так что, Стив получил эту работу?

Well, that's all for today. - Что ж, на сегодня всё.

The concert went very well. - Концерт прошёл очень хорошо.

I hope you get well soon. - Надеюсь, что вы скоро поправитесь.

It may well be true. - Это вполне может оказаться правдой.

I might well do it. - Я вполне могу это сделать.

'Will you be in on Friday evening?' 'Well, it depends.' - — Вы будете на месте /дома/ в пятницу вечером? — Ну, это зависит. / Пока не знаю.

The children are well again. - Дети уже поправились /выздоровели/.

It is well that no one saw you. - Это хорошо, что никто тебя не видел.

Well, now tell me all about it. - Ну, теперь расскажите мне всё об этом.

I'm afraid the film was well over budget. - К сожалению, расходы на этот фильм намного превысили смету.

He well knew the law. - Он чётко представлял себе законодательные нормы.

He did well at maths. - Он хорошо сдал математику.

You're looking very well. - Вы очень хорошо выглядите.

The wound is nearly well. - Рана почти зажила.

The company is doing well. - Дела у компании идут хорошо. / Компания преуспевает.

Mix the flour and butter well. - Хорошо перемешайте муку со сливочным маслом.

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Связанные термины:

as well: You use as well when mentioning something which happens in the same way as something else already mentioned, or which should be considered at the same time as that thing.

oh well: You say oh well to indicate that you accept a situation or that someone else should accept it, even though you or they are not very happy about it, because it is not too bad and cannot be changed .

well in: on good terms or favourably placed (with)

air well: an open shaft passing through the floors of a building for ventilation

dry well: a covered pit filled with gravel or loose stone, into which drainage from roofs, areaways, etc. is piped to seep into the surrounding soil

gas well: a well for obtaining natural gas

live well: to live in luxury

oil well: An oil well is a deep hole which is made in order to get oil out of the ground.

very well: Very well is used to say that you agree to do something or you accept someone's answer, even though you might not be completely satisfied with it.

well-born: Someone who is well-born belongs to an upper-class family.

well-bred: A well-bred person is very polite and has good manners.

well-done: You say ' Well done ' to indicate that you are pleased that someone has done something good .

well-fed: If you say that someone is well-fed, you mean that they get good food regularly.

well-hung: If someone says that a man is well-hung, they are saying that he has a large penis .

well-kept: A well-kept building, street, garden, or other place is always neat and tidy because it is carefully looked after.

well-knit: strong, firm, or sturdy

well log: A well log is a record of the measurements of the rocks penetrated in a well, often printed out as a long piece of paper.

well-made: made to a good or high standard

well-man: a man who, although not ill, attends a health-service clinic for preventive monitoring, health education, and advice

well-men: a man who, although not ill, attends a health-service clinic for preventive monitoring, health education, and advice

well-nigh: Well-nigh means almost, but not completely or exactly .

well-off: Someone who is well-off is rich enough to be able to do and buy most of the things that they want .

well-paid: If you say that a person or their job is well-paid, you mean that they receive a lot of money for the work that they do.

well-read: A well-read person has read a lot of books and has learned a lot from them.

well-set: firmly established

well-used: used or employed often or for a long time; well-worn

well-worn: A well-worn expression, remark, or idea has been used so often that it no longer seems to have much meaning or to be interesting .

carbon well: an area of vegetation, esp a forest, or a phytoplankton-rich sea that absorbs the carbon dioxide produced by the burning of fossil fuels

jolly well: Jolly well is sometimes used to emphasize an opinion or intention, and to express annoyance or anger .

medium well: Meat that is medium well is cooked so that the inside is slightly pink .

offset well: An offset well is a wellbore which is close to a proposed well, and which provides information for planning the proposed well.

smart well: A smart well is a well which has equipment that can be controlled either automatically or by an operator at a remote location .

travel well: If goods such as food products travel well, they can be transported a long way without being damaged or their quality being spoiled .

well-acted: (of a play, film, dramatic part, etc) performed in a skilful manner

well-aimed: (of a missile, punch, etc) having been pointed or directed accurately at a person or object

well-aired: (of bedding, clothes, a room, etc) having been hung up or ventilated to allow air to circulate

well-argued: having been reasoned, proposed, or debated convincingly

well-armed: having many or good weapons

well-aware: having knowledge or awareness

well-being: Someone's well-being is their health and happiness.

well-built: A well-built person, especially a man, has quite a big body and quite large muscles .

well-chosen: carefully selected to produce a desired effect; apt

well-cooked: having been cooked with skill so as to be pleasant to eat

well design: Well design is the features that are considered when planning and constructing a well.

well-digger: a person who digs a well

well-earned: You can use well-earned to indicate that you think something is deserved, usually because the person who gets it has been working very hard.

well enough: If you say that you like something or someone well enough, you mean that you quite like them or find them reasonably acceptable .

well-fitted: (of clothes, a lid, etc) fitting closely or comfortably

well-fixed: having been provided with a generous amount of something, esp money

well-formed: (of a formula, expression, etc) constructed in accordance with the syntactic rules of a particular system; grammatically correct

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Однокоренные слова:

unwell - нездоровый
wellness - хорошее здоровье

Связанные слова: