Noun: Запад вест западный ветер западные штаты США
Adverb: к западу на запад
Adjective: западный


the gateway to the west - ворота на запад

in the west - на западе

to the west - к западу

west coast - западный берег

east-west - восток - запад

north/south and east/ west coordinates - графическая координатная сетка

range of the strata is east and west - пласты простираются на восток и запад

west-to-east orbit - орбита запад-восток

west-to-east - в противоположном направлении; с запада на восток

west-european - западноевропейский

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West Berlin - Западный Берлин

The route lay to the west. - Дорога лежала на запад.

West Virginia - Западная Вирджиния

The route then heads west over Gerrick Moor. - Затем маршрут идёт на запад через Геррик-Мур.

West Indies - Вест-Индия

The walk starts at Alnham, six miles west of Bridge of Aln. - Прогулка начинается на Элнхэм, в шести милях к западу от моста через реку Элн.

The sun rises in the east and sinks in the west. - Солнце встаёт на востоке и садится на западе.

West Point Academy - Военная академия в Вест-Пойнте

The only way is to travel full west. - Единственный путь — идти строго на запад.

A damp wind blew from the west. - С запада дул сырой ветер.

A river girds the city west and south. - С запада и юга город опоясывает река .

They drove west after they got off the highway. - Съехав с шоссе, они направились на запад.

West Yorkshire conurbation - Западно-Йоркширская конурбация

East or West home is best. - В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше. (посл.)

the west door of the church - западный вход в церковь

They live just west of here. - Они живут немного западнее.

The wind settled in the West. - Ветер успокоился на Западе.

a gunslinger in the Wild West - профессиональный стрелок на Диком Западе

the people who settled the West - люди, которые поселились на Западе

the early exploration of the West - начало освоения Запада

a village to the west of Brussels - городок к западу от Брюсселя

The river flows from east to west. - Река течёт с востока на запад.

the people who tamed the Wild West - люди, покорившие Дикий Запад

the scrublands of the American West - покрытая кустарниками земля американского Запада

the West's far-flung mountain ranges - отдалённые горные хребты Запада

The family moved out west to Kansas. - Семья переехала на Запад, в Канзас.

Ireland lies to the west of England. - Ирландия находится к западу от Англии.

a movie about cowboys in the old West - фильм про ковбоев на Диком Западе

They rode the trade winds going west. - Они поплыли вслед за пассатами на запад.

St. Louis is the gateway to the West. - Сент-Луис является воротами на Запад.

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Связанные термины:

go west: to die

Far West: → the Far West

Key West: westernmost island of the Florida Keys : c. 4 mi (6.4 km) long

mae west: an inflatable life jacket, esp as issued to the US armed forces for emergency use

Old West: the the American West in the second half of the 19th cent ., popularly associated with frontier life, cowboys, etc.

the west: any area lying in or towards the west

West Bank: area on the W bank of the Jordan River: part of Jordan since 1949 & occupied by Israel since 1967: an agreement in 1994 provided for a transfer of authority of Palestinians in stages that would result in self-rule

West End: W section of London, England: center of theater and fashion

Wild West: The Wild West is used to refer to the western part of the United States during the time when Europeans were first settling there.

galley-west: into confusion, inaction, or unconsciousness (esp in the phrase knock ( someone or something ) galley-west )

Middle West: The Middle West is the central part of the United States .

North West: The north-west is the direction which is halfway between north and west .

south-west: The south-west is the direction which is halfway between south and west.

West Africa: the most westerly regions of the continent of Africa

West Allis: city in SE Wis .: suburb of Milwaukee : pop. 61,000

West Bengal: a state of E India, on the Bay of Bengal : formed in 1947 from the Hindu area of Bengal; additional territories added in 1950 ( Cooch Behar), 1954 (Chandernagor), and 1956 (part of Bihar ); mostly low-lying and crossed by the Hooghly River. Capital: Kolkata ( Calcutta ). Pop: 80 221 171 (2001). Area: 88 752 sq km (34 260 sq miles)

West Berlin: (formerly) the part of Berlin under US, British, and French control

West Covina: city in SW Calif., near Los Angeles: pop. 105,000

West Ender: a native or inhabitant of the West End of London

west-facing: orientated towards the west

West German: West German means belonging or relating to the part of Germany that was known as the Federal Republic of Germany before the two parts of Germany were united in 1990. West German also means belonging or relating to the people or culture of this part of Germany.

West Haven: city in SW Conn., on Long Island Sound : suburb of New Haven : pop. 52,000

West Indian: West Indian means belonging or relating to the West Indies, or to its people or culture.

West Indies: an archipelago off Central America, extending over 2400 km (1500 miles) in an arc from the peninsula of Florida to Venezuela, separating the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean : consists of the Greater Antilles, the Lesser Antilles, and the Bahamas; largest island is Cuba . Area: over 235 000 sq km (91 000 sq miles)

West Irian: territory of Indonesia, occupying the W half of the island of New Guinea : a Dutch territory until 1963: 162,928 sq mi (421,982 sq km); pop. 1,649,000; cap . Jayapura

West Point: the US Army installation in New York State that houses the US Military Academy

West Riding: (until 1974) an administrative division of Yorkshire, now part of West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Cumbria, and Lancashire

West Saxon: of or relating to Wessex, its inhabitants, or their dialect

West Sussex: a county of SE England, comprising part of the former county of Sussex : mainly low-lying, with the South Downs in the S. Administrative centre: Chichester . Pop: 758 600 (2003 est). Area: 1989 sq km (768 sq miles)

West Timor: province of Indonesia, consisting primarily of the W half of Timor

West African: of or relating to West Africa

West Atlantic: the W part of the Atlantic Ocean, esp the N Atlantic around North America

West Berliner: a native or inhabitant of the part of Berlin formerly under US, British, and French control

West Bromwich: a town in central England, in Sandwell unitary authority, West Midlands : industrial centre. Pop: 136 940 (2001)

West Country: → the West Country

West Flanders: a province of W Belgium : the country's chief agricultural province. Capital: Bruges . Pop: 1 135 802 (2004 est). Area: 3132 sq km (1209 sq miles)

West Germanic: a subbranch of the Germanic languages that consists of English, Frisian, Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans, Low German, German, Yiddish, and their associated dialects

West Germany: a former republic in N central Europe, on the North Sea: established in 1949 from the zones of Germany occupied by the British, Americans, and French after the defeat of Nazi Germany; a member of the European Community ; reunited with East Germany in 1990

West Hartford: city in central Conn.: suburb of Hartford : pop. 64,000

West Lothian: a council area and historical county of central Scotland, on the Firth of Forth : became part of Lothian region in 1975: reinstated as an independent authority (with revised boundaries ) in 1996: agriculture, oil-refining. Administrative centre: Livingston . Pop: 161 020 (2003 est). Area: 425 sq km (164 sq miles)

West Midlands: a metropolitan county of central England, administered since 1986 by the unitary authorities of Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, Sandwell, Birmingham, Solihull, and Coventry . Area: 899 sq km (347 sq miles)

West Pakistan: former province of Pakistan : it now constitutes the country of Pakistan

West Pointer: a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point

West Prussia: a former province of NE Prussia, on the Baltic : assigned to Poland in 1945

West Virginia: a state of the eastern US: part of Virginia until the outbreak of the American Civil War (1861); consists chiefly of the Allegheny Plateau ; bounded on the west by the Ohio River; coal-mining. Capital: Charleston . Pop: 1 810 354 (2003 est). Area: 62 341 sq km (24 070 sq miles)

Griqualand West: an area of N South Africa, north of the Orange river: settled after 1803 by the Griquas ; annexed by the British in 1871 following a dispute with the Orange Free State; became part of the Cape Colony in 1880. Chief town: Kimberley . Area: 39 360 sq km (15 197 sq miles)

Sackville-West: Victoria ( Mary ), known as Vita . 1892–1962, British writer and gardener, whose works include the novel The Edwardians (1930) and the poem The Land (1931). She is also noted for the gardens at Sissinghurst Castle, Kent . Married to Harold Nicolson

the Far West: the area of the United States west of the Great Plains

the West End: a part of W central London containing the main shopping and entertainment areas

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Однокоренные слова:

western - западный, ковбойский, вестерн, ковбойский фильм
westing - дрейф на вест
westward - на запад, западное направление, направленный к западу
westwards - на запад, направленный к западу
wester - западный ветер