Pronoun: что каковой кто
Misc: какой


illegal business which is worth billions of dollars - незаконный бизнес, с оборотом в миллиарды долларов

to know which side one's bread is buttered - быть себе на уме

the old traditions in which they had been bred - старые традиции, в которых они были воспитаны

to see which way the cat jumps, to wait for the cat to jump - ждать, откуда ветер подует

the sections into which our society is cleft - группы, на которые расколото наше общество

the coat of varnish which surrounded every particle - слой лака, который покрывал каждую мелкую деталь

the condensation of thought and expression, which distinguish this poet - краткость мысли и стиля, которые отличают этого поэта

words which are not current in English - слова, которые почти не используются в английском

two Greek words which differ only in accentuation - два греческих слова, различающиеся только ударением

a fact, the significance of which had previously escaped me - факт, значение которого до этого ускользало от меня

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Which of you am I to criticize? - Кого из вас мне ругать?

He was trying to make out which was noble and which was valet. - Он пытался понять, кто из них был дворянин, а кто — слуга.

He got married again a year later, which surprised everybody. - Год спустя он снова женился, что всех удивило.

Связанные термины:

the which: a longer form of which, often used as a sentence connector

which sth is which: If you cannot tell the difference between two things, you can say that you do not know which is which .

every which way: Every which way and any which way are used to emphasize that something happens, or might happen, in a lot of different ways, or using a lot of different methods .

in that/which case: You say in that case or in which case to indicate that what you are going to say is true if the possible situation that has just been mentioned actually exists .

the like(s) of which: If you refer to something the like of which or the likes of which has never been seen before, you are emphasizing how important, great, or noticeable the thing is.

see which way the cat jumps: to delay making a decision or taking action on something until more is known about how the situation will develop

a peg on which to hang something: a way of introducing or drawing attention to your ideas or opinions

know which side one's bread is buttered: to know what to do in order to keep one's advantages

see which way the wind is blowing: to understand or realize how a situation is developing and use this in deciding what to do

which way/how the wind is blowing: If you realize or find out which way the wind is blowing or how the wind is blowing, you realize or find out what is likely to happen, for example whether something is likely to succeed .

know which side one's bread is buttered on: to know what is to one's advantage and from what source it comes

know which side your bread is buttered on: to understand fully how you are likely to benefit from a situation, and know what to do or who to please in order to put yourself in the best possible situation

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