Conjunction: в то время как пока покуда несмотря на то, что
Noun: промежуток времени
Preposition: до тех пор пока
Verb: проводить время коротать время


drift while turning - дрейф на циркуляции

adjust while running - регулировать на ходу

driving while impaired - пребывание за рулём в нетрезвом состоянии

not long / a while ago - недавно

while I was on the nod - пока я был "под кайфом"

to adjust while running - регулировать на ходу

while in shipment - при транспортировке

a long while - долго

a short while - недолго

for a good while - в течение долгого времени / на довольно долгий срок

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They arrived while we were having dinner. - Они приехали, когда мы обедали.

Take a nap while I'm out. - Поспи, пока меня не будет.

While there's life there's hope. посл. - Пока живу, надеюсь.

Would you look after the children while I do the shopping? - Не могли бы вы присмотреть за детьми, пока я хожу по магазинам?

They met while they were in college. - Они познакомились, когда были в колледже.

I'm just whiling away my time, waiting for the train to come in. - Я просто коротаю время в ожидании прибытия поезда.

That year whiled for me. - Тот год показался мне вечностью.

Someone called while you were out. - Пока тебя не было, кто-то звонил.

He was here for a little while. - Он пробыл здесь некоторое время.

Can I get you anything while I'm at the store? - Тебе что-нибудь купить /захватить/, пока я ещё в магазине?

While never a big eater, he did snack a lot. - Хоть он никогда не объедался, но перекусывал и вправду часто.

It was an easy task for an expert, while it was dangerous for a novice. - Для профессионала это была лёгкая задача, тогда как для новичка она была трудной.

The phone rang while I was doing the dishes. - Телефон зазвонил, когда я мыла посуду.

It took them a while to find out what was causing the problem. - Им понадобилось некоторое время, чтобы выяснить, что является причиной проблемы.

While she was asleep, thieves broke in and stole her handbag. - Пока она спала, воры проникли в дом и украли её сумочку.

You can get the photos developed while you wait. - Можно проявить ваши фотографии, пока вы ждёте.

She met Andy while working on a production of Carmen. - Она познакомилась с Энди во время работы над постановкой "Кармен".

While there was no conclusive evidence, most people thought he was guilty. - Несмотря на отсутствие убедительных доказательств, большинство людей думало, что он виновен.

It would be worth your while to talk to the editor. - Тебе стоит поговорить с редактором.

While I think some parts of the plan are good, I don't think it's practical. - Хотя некоторые части этого плана кажутся мне хорошими, я не считаю его целесообразным.

The while his right [hand] did shade / His eyes from the bright sun. (W. Morris) - Все это время он правой рукой заслонял глаза от слепящего солнца.

Schools in the north tend to be better equipped, while those in the south are relatively poor. - Школ на севере, как правило, лучше оснащены, а те, что на юге, являются относительно бедными.

He made a comment that, while well-intentioned, still hurt my feelings. - Он сделал замечание, которое, хотя и было сделано из самых лучших побуждений, всё же меня задело.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

the while: at that time

short while: A while is a period of time.

while away: If you while away the time in a particular way, you spend time in that way, because you are waiting for something else to happen, or because you have nothing else to do.

in a while: You use all the while in order to say that something happens continually or that it happens throughout the time when something else is happening .

wait-a-while: any of the climbing palms of the genus Calamus and related genera, having tough stems used for wickerwork and canes

all the while: You use all the while in order to say that something happens continually or that it happens throughout the time when something else is happening .

once in a while: If something happens once in a while, it happens sometimes, but not very often.

worth your while: If an action or activity is worth someone's while, it will be helpful, useful, or enjoyable for them if they do it, even though it requires some effort .

worth someone's while: worth someone's time, consideration, etc.; profitable in some way

fiddle while Rome burns: If you say that someone is fiddling while Rome burns, you mean that they are not dealing with a difficult or dangerous situation but instead are doing useless things or pretending that nothing is wrong .

while the going is good: If you say that someone should do something while the going is good, you are advising them to do it while things are going well and they still have the opportunity, because you think it will become much more difficult to do.

while-you-wait heel repairs: repairs to damaged heels of footwear, carried out while the customer waits

make hay while the sun shines: to take advantage of a good situation which is not likely to last

strike while the iron is hot: to act immediately, while you have the best chance of succeeding at something

MWD: MWD is a system of taking measurements while drilling downhole.

make hay/make hay while the sun shines: If you say that someone is making hay or is making hay while the sun shines, you mean that they are taking advantage of a situation that is favourable to them while they have the chance to.

LWD tools: LWD tools are tools which have sensors to record information about rock formation during drilling .

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Однокоренные слова:

while away - коротать, бездельничать

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