Noun: целое все
Adjective: целый весь цельный здоровый


to sell the whole caboodle - продавать всё вместе

the whole kit (and caboodle) - вся орава

here is the choice of the whole garden - это лучшее, что есть в саду

a whole covey of trumps - полный комплект козырей

the whole field of English history - вся английская история

movie fit for the whole family - фильм, подходящий для всей семьи

to form a single whole - составлять единое целое

to get off with a whole skin - выйти сухим из воды

microcosm of the whole battle - миниатюрное изображение всего сражения

to sleep the whole morning away - проспать всё утро

Показать все


Two halves make a whole. - Две половинки составляют целое.

We cooked a whole chicken. - Мы приготовили курицу целиком.

I cannot tell you the whole (of it). - Я не могу сказать вам всего.

On the whole, the book is outstanding. - В целом, книга — выдающаяся.

The whole evening was a great success. - Весь вечер прошёл с большим успехом.

The situation is, on the whole, satisfactory. - В целом, ситуация удовлетворительная.

I don't believe she's telling us the whole story (=all the facts). - По-моему, она рассказывает нам не всю историю (т.е. не всё).

The whole town came out for the parade. - На парад вышел весь город.

We ate the whole cake in about ten minutes. - Мы съели весь торт минут за десять.

Some of the statues were broken, but others were still whole. - Некоторые статуи разбились, но другие были по-прежнему целы.

Europe considered as a whole - Европа как единое целое

Place a whole onion inside the chicken. - Поместите внутрь курицы целую луковицу.

His whole attitude bugs me. - Меня бесит весь этот его гонор.

We decided to forget the whole thing. - Мы решили всё это позабыть.

He related his whole adventure from beginning to end. - Он поведал нам всё о своих приключениях, от начала и до конца.

She read the whole book in one day. - Она прочла всю книгу за один день.

We cooked the chicken whole. - Мы приготовили курицу целиком.

You have your whole life ahead of you! - У вас вся жизнь впереди!

How big is that part compared to the whole? - Как велика эта часть по сравнению с целым?

the complex whole which we call "civilization" - сложное целое, которое мы называем "цивилизацией"

It's been a whole week since I've seen him. - Я не видела его уже целую неделю.

One whole man is enough to take care of a wounded one. - Чтобы позаботиться о раненом, достаточно одного здорового человека.

The whole thing (=everything about the situation) just makes me sick. - Меня от всего этого (т.е. от всей этой ситуации) просто тошнит.

It was months before the whole truth came out. - Вся правда вышла наружу только через несколько месяцев.

The whole place was remodeled. It looks great now. - Весь дом был перестроен. Теперь он выглядит прекрасно.

There is a whole range of therapies that may be suitable. - Существует целый ряд лечебных курсов, которые могут подойти (в данном случае).

I've been waiting my whole life for this. - Я ждал этого всю свою жизнь.

I spent the whole summer traveling through Europe. - Всё лето я путешествовал по Европе.

We just sat around and watched TV the whole time (=the only thing we did was watch television). - Всё это время мы просто сидели и смотрели телевизор (и больше ничего не делали).

The frog swallowed the fly whole. - Лягушка проглотила муху целиком.

Показать все

Связанные термины:

whole hog: the whole or total extent (esp in the phrase go the whole hog )

heart-whole: not in love

whole blood: blood obtained from a donor for transfusion from which none of the elements has been removed

whole book: A book is a number of pieces of paper, usually with words printed on them, which are fastened together and fixed inside a cover of stronger paper or cardboard . Books contain information, stories, or poetry, for example .

whole gale: a wind of force ten on the Beaufort scale

whole milk: milk from which no constituent has been removed

whole note: A whole note is a musical note that has a time value equal to two half notes.

whole place: A place is any point, building, area, town, or country.

whole point: The point of what you are saying or discussing is the most important part that provides a reason or explanation for the rest .

whole tone: an interval of two semitones ; a frequency difference of 200 cents in the system of equal temperament

whole-wheat: (of flour, bread, etc) made from the entire wheat kernel

as a whole: If you refer to something as a whole, you are referring to it generally and as a single unit.

whole career: A career is the job or profession that someone does for a long period of their life.

whole episode: You can refer to an event or a short period of time as an episode if you want to suggest that it is important or unusual, or has some particular quality.

whole-hogger: a person who is whole-heartedly committed to something

whole-length: extended to or having its entire length; not shortened or abridged

whole number: A whole number is an exact number such as 1, 7, and 24, as opposed to a number with fractions or decimals .

whole process: A process is a series of actions which are carried out in order to achieve a particular result.

whole season: You can use season to refer to a fixed period during each year when a particular sport is played.

whole-souled: → wholehearted

whole system: A system is a way of working, organizing, or doing something which follows a fixed plan or set of rules. You can use system to refer to an organization or institution that is organized in this way.

go whole hog: to do something to the fullest extent possible

on the whole: You use on the whole to indicate that what you are saying is true in general but may not be true in every case, or that you are giving a general opinion or summary of something.

whole situation: You use situation to refer generally to what is happening in a particular place at a particular time, or to refer to what is happening to you.

a (whole) lot: a great deal; very much

the whole idea: An idea is a plan, suggestion, or possible course of action.

the whole kit: everything or everybody

whole enterprise: An enterprise is something new, difficult, or important that you do or try to do.

whole generation: A generation is all the people in a group or country who are of a similar age, especially when they are considered as having the same experiences or attitudes .

whole population: The population of a country or area is all the people who live in it.

go the whole hog: If you go the whole hog, you do something bold or extravagant in the most complete way possible .

the whole boiling: the whole lot

the whole caboodle: all of something. The usual American expression is the whole ball of wax .

the whole shebang: The whole shebang is the whole situation or business that you are describing .

the whole shoot: everything

whole-tone scale: either of two scales produced by commencing on one of any two notes a chromatic semitone apart and proceeding upwards or downwards in whole tones for an octave . Such a scale, consisting of six degrees to the octave, is used by Debussy and subsequent composers

out of whole cloth: entirely without a factual basis

the (whole) ballgame: the main or decisive factor, event, etc.

the whole enchilada: all of it; everything; the entirety of something

whole-life insurance: a type of insurance with a savings element that is guaranteed to pay out on death provided premiums have been paid as required by the policy

(whole) new ballgame: a situation changed so drastically as to need new approaches or solutions

wholewheat: Wholewheat flour is made from the complete grain of the wheat plant, including the outer part. Wholewheat bread or pasta is made from wholewheat flour.

made of whole cloth: completely untrue and not based on fact

the whole nine yards: everything that is required; the whole thing

wholegrains: Wholegrains are the grains of cereals such as wheat and maize that have not been processed.

wholehearted: If you support or agree to something in a wholehearted way, you support or agree to it enthusiastically and completely.

Committee of the Whole: (in the US) all the members of the House of Representatives, regarded as a committee

go the whole nine yards: to do something to the fullest extent possible

made out of whole cloth: completely fictitious or false ; made up

the whole ball of wax: the whole of something. The usual British expression is the whole caboodle .

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Однокоренные слова:

wholly - полностью, целиком, всецело
wholeness - цельность, целость

Связанные слова: