Adjective: широкий большой обширный далекий
Adverb: широко далеко повсюду мимо цели


a wide range of animal noises and bird calls - разнообразная гамма криков зверей и голосов птиц

a wide choice of styles and colors - широкий выбор фасонов и расцветок

complete / full / wide discretion - полная свобода действий

great / wide disparity - значительное несоответствие

wide distribution - широкое распространение

broad / wide experience - большой опыт

wide / broad gauge - широкая колея

broad / wide street - широкая улица

wide area network - глобальная (вычислительная) сеть

wide-area network - широкомасштабная сеть

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He opened his eyes wide. - Он широко открыл глаза.

The door was wide open. - Дверь была распахнута настежь.

A wide freedom, truly! - Полная свобода, действительно!

How wide he is from truth. - Как же он далёк от истины!

How wide is the doorway? - Насколько широк дверной проём?

He spread his arms wide. - Он широко раскинул руки.

Her eyes were wide with fright. - Её глаза расширились от испуга.

"Open your mouth wide for me," said the dentist. - — Широко откройте рот, — сказал стоматолог.

His mouth was wide open. - Его рот был широко открыт.

He has a wide vocabulary. - У него большой словарный запас.

Prices asked are very wide. - Запрашиваемые цены слишком высоки.

The news spread far and wide. - Новость распространялась всё дальше и дальше.

How wide is the door? - Какой ширины эта дверь?

One of the bombs fell wide of the mark. - Одна из бомб не попала в цель.

Someone left the back door wide open. - Кто-то оставил заднюю дверь открытой настежь.

Soon you'll leave school and go out into the big wide world. - Скоро вы окончите школу и уйдёте в большой мир.

He fired at him, but the bullet went wide. - Он в него выстрелил, но пуля прошла мимо.

Their fields of activity are so wide apart. - Сферы их деятельности абсолютно разные и никак не пересекаются.

a place four miles wide of N - место, расположенное в четырёх милях от N

a job calling for wide experience - работа, требующая большого опыта

the widest part of the river - самая широкая часть реки

The desk is three feet wide. - Ширина этого стола — три фута.

He stood there with his mouth wide open. - Он стоял там, широко разинув рот.

He urged that wide arterial improvements of the streets were needed. - Он настаивал на том, что нужно улучшить улицы, добавив к ним широкие ответвления.

Well, she was tipsy; but she was very wide. - Ну да, она была под мухой, но соображала при этом очень хорошо.

The jar had a wide mouth. - У банки было широкое горло.

The skirt had a wide flare. - Юбка имела широкий клёш.

His fame spread far and wide. - Его слава распространилась повсюду.

The news spread far and wide. - Новость распространилась повсеместно.

The bottle had a wide neck. - Бутылка была с широким горлышком.

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Связанные термины:

EU-wide: (of a policy, etc) applying to all the countries of the European Union

wide-body: (of an aircraft) having a wide fuselage, esp wide enough to contain three rows of seats abreast

wide boy: A wide boy is a man, especially a young man, who has a lot of money but who earns it in a dishonest or illegal way.

wide-eyed: If you describe someone as wide-eyed, you mean that they are inexperienced and innocent, and may be easily impressed .

wide open: If something is wide open, it is open to its full extent.

double-wide: a mobile home consisting of two modular sections connected lengthwise making the width double that of a typical mobile home

wide-angle: designating or of a kind of camera lens that covers a wider angle of view than the ordinary lens

wide awake: Someone who is wide awake is fully awake and unable to sleep .

wide-bodied: (of an aircraft) having a wide fuselage, esp wide enough to contain three rows of seats abreast

wide circle: You can refer to a group of people as a circle when they meet each other regularly because they are friends or because they belong to the same profession or share the same interests.

wide margin: A margin is the difference between two amounts, especially the difference in the number of votes or points between the winner and the loser in an election or other contest .

wide trend: A trend is a change or development towards something new or different.

wide-brimmed: (of a hat ) having a wide brim

wide expanse: An expanse of something, usually sea, sky, or land, is a very large amount of it.

wide-mouthed: having a wide mouth

wide-ranging: If you describe something as wide-ranging, you mean it deals with or affects a great variety of different things.

wide receiver: a player whose function is to catch long passes from the quarterback

wide spectrum: A spectrum is a range of a particular type of thing.

be wide open: if a contest or competition is wide open, it is very difficult to say who will win because the competitors are all equally good

far and wide: If people come from far and wide, they come from a large number of places, some of them far away . If things spread far and wide, they spread over a very large area or distance.

to the wide: completely

wide variation: A variation is a change or slight difference in a level, amount, or quantity.

wide-awake hat: a hat with a low crown and very wide brim

wide recognition: When a person receives recognition for the things that they have done, people acknowledge the value or skill of their work.

World Wide Web: The World Wide Web is a computer system which links documents and pictures into a database that is stored in computers in many different parts of the world and that people everywhere can use. The abbreviations → WWW and the Web are often used.

cast a wide net: to involve a large number of things or people in what you are doing

cut a wide swath: to make an ostentatious display or forceful impression

wide-angle lens: A wide-angle lens is a lens which allows you to photograph a wider view than a normal lens.

wide area network: a network of computers interconnected over large distances, often by optical fibres or microwave communications

wide-eyed wonder: Wonder is a feeling of great surprise and pleasure that you have, for example when you see something that is very beautiful, or when something happens that you thought was impossible .

wide of the mark: If something such as a claim or estimate is wide of the mark, it is incorrect or inaccurate .

statewide: Statewide means across or throughout the whole of one of the states of the United States.

worldwide: If something exists or happens worldwide, it exists or happens throughout the world.

widescreen: A widescreen television has a screen that is wide in relation to its height.

blow something wide open: to change something completely by doing things in a totally different way

give a wide berth to: to keep clear of; avoid

leave yourself wide open: if you leave yourself wide open to criticism or ridicule, you make it very easy for other people to criticize or ridicule you, because you behave in a naive or foolish way

to blow sth wide open: to expose something

all wool and a yard wide: genuine or admirable ; truly and thoroughly as described

give sb/sth a wide berth: If you give someone or something a wide berth, you avoid them because you think they are unpleasant or dangerous, or simply because you do not like them.

into the wide blue yonder: on a journey to a faraway place which is unfamiliar or mysterious

give sb/sthing a wide berth: If you give someone or something a wide berth, you avoid them because you think they are unpleasant, or dangerous, or simply because you do not like them.

sooty tern: a black and white tern, Sterna fuscata, of small tropical islands

give someone or something a wide berth: to deliberately avoid someone or something

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Однокоренные слова:

widen - расширять, расширяться, шириться, ширить
widish - широковатый
width - ширина, расстояние, широта, полоса, мощность, полотнище, пролет
widely - широко, далеко
wideness - широта, ширина

Связанные слова: