Noun: ветер дыхание дух пустые слова
Adjective: ветровой ветряной духовой
Verb: наматывать заводить мотать проветривать


a bitter wind - резкий ветер

wheat buckling in the wind - пшеница, сгибающаяся от ветра

to wind the clock - заводить часы

to wind coils touching - наматывать витки вплотную

fierce wind - свирепый ветер

to wind film - мотать плёнку

fishtail wind - сильный ветер, дующий в разных направлениях

flickering in the wind leaves - дрожащие на ветру листья

to recover one's breath / wind - отдышаться, перевести дух

to wind oneself / one's way into smb.'s trust / affection - вкрадываться, втираться в чьё-л. доверие

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The wind failed. - Ветер стих.

The wind is up. - Ветер поднялся. / Ветер очень сильный.

that's a lot of wind - ветер сильно дует

A wind rose. - Поднялся ветер.

The wind died down. - Ветер стих.

The wind favoured us. - Ветер был попутный.

You're just wasting wind. - Ты только сотрясаешь воздух.

I am winded by running. - Я задыхаюсь от бега.

His talk was all wind. - Его речь была одной лишь пустой болтовнёй.

Something is in the wind. - В воздухе пахнет переменами. / Что-то вот-вот произойдёт.

The wind came off the ocean. - С океана дул ветер.

We got wind of the plan. - Мы прослышали об этом плане.

The wind toppled the tree. - Ветер повалил дерево.

The wind fluffed his hair. - Ветер взъерошил его волосы.

Wind sprang the mast. - Ветер сломал мачту.

The wind buffeted him. - Ветер трепал его.

The trees bowed in the wind. - Деревья гнулись на ветру.

We sailed with the wind. - Мы плыли по ветру.

The wind was blowing hard. - Дул сильный ветер.

Gustily blows the wind. - Ветер дует порывисто.

The wind is taking off. - Ветер стихает.

Something is in the wind. - Собаки что-то почуяли. (охот.)

The wind began to pipe up. - Ветер крепчал.

The wind swelled the sails. - Ветер надул паруса.

The wind slacked off a bit. - Ветер немного стих.

The wind was veering north. - Ветер менял направление к северу.

The wind blew from the east. - Ветер подул с востока.

A window rattled in the wind. - Окно дребезжало на ветру.

The wind moaned in the trees. - Ветер выл среди деревьев.

The wind blew the door to. - Ветер захлопнул дверь.

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Фразовые глаголы:

When you wind down something such as the window of a car, you make it move downwards by turning a handle.

When you wind up an activity, you finish it or stop doing it.

When you wind down something such as the window of a car, you make it move downwards by turning a handle.

When you wind up an activity, you finish it or stop doing it.

Связанные термины:

wind up: When you wind up an activity, you finish it or stop doing it.

berg wind: a hot dry wind in South Africa blowing from the plateau down to the coast

head wind: a wind blowing in the direction directly opposite the course of a ship or aircraft

ill wind: You can describe an unfortunate event as an ill wind if someone benefits from it. The expression occurs in the proverb 'It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good'.

land-wind: a wind that comes from the land

tail wind: a wind blowing in the same direction as the course of a ship or aircraft

wind cone: → windsock

wind down: When you wind down something such as the window of a car, you make it move downwards by turning a handle .

wind farm: A wind farm is a place where windmills are used to convert the power of the wind into electricity.

wind gap: a narrow dry valley on a mountain or ridge

wind harp: → aeolian harp

wind off: to unwind or remove by unwinding

wind pump: a pump driven by a windmill

wind rose: a diagram with radiating lines showing the frequency and strength of winds from each direction affecting a specific place

wind tee: a large weather vane shaped like a T, located at an airfield to indicate the wind direction

wind vane: a flat plate or blade of metal mounted on a vertical axis in an exposed position to indicate wind direction

break wind: to emit wind from the anus

broken wind: → heaves

second wind: When you get your second wind, you become able to continue doing something difficult or energetic after you have been tired or out of breath .

solar wind: the constant stream of charged particles, esp protons and electrons, emitted by the sun at high velocities, its density and speed varying during periods of solar activity. It interacts with the earth's magnetic field, some of the particles being trapped by the magnetic lines of force, and causes auroral displays

trade wind: a wind blowing obliquely towards the equator either from the northeast in the N hemisphere or the southeast in the S hemisphere, approximately between latitudes 30° N and S, forming part of the planetary wind system

valley wind: a wind that ascends a mountain valley during the day

wind-bells: a decorative arrangement of small discs of metal, shell, etc, hung near a window or door, that shake together with a tinkling sound in a draught

wind-blown: You can use wind-blown to indicate that something has been blown from one place to another by the wind .

wind-borne: (esp of plant seeds or pollen ) transported by wind

wind-broken: (of a horse) asthmatic or heaving

wind chest: a box in an organ in which air from the bellows is stored under pressure before being supplied to the pipes or reeds

wind-chill: the serious chilling effect of wind and low temperature: it is measured on a scale that runs from hot to fatal to life and allows for varying combinations of air temperature and wind speed

wind chimes: a decorative arrangement of small discs of metal, shell, etc, hung near a window or door, that shake together with a tinkling sound in a draught

wind energy: See wind power

wind gauge: a scale on a gun sight indicating the amount of deflection necessary to allow for windage

wind plant: a grouping of devices, consisting of a tower, propellers, alternator, generator, and storage batteries, designed to produce electricity by converting the mechanical force of wind on blades or a rotor into electricity

wind power: power produced from windmills and wind turbines

wind scale: a numerical scale of wind force, such as the Beaufort scale

wind shake: a condition of timber in which there is separation of the concentric rings, supposedly due to strain from strong winds during growth

wind shear: stress on an aircraft in an area in which winds of different speeds and directions are close together

wind sleeve: a truncated cone of textile mounted on a mast so that it is free to rotate about a vertical axis: used, esp at airports, to indicate the local wind direction

wind sprint: a short sprint that is run as a training exercise

wind surge: a wind-induced rise in the water level at the coast or the shore of an inland expanse of water. It has a definite frequency and if this is close to the tidal frequency serious flooding can result

wind-swept: swept by or exposed to winds

wind tunnel: A wind tunnel is a room or passage through which air can be made to flow at controlled speeds . Wind tunnels are used to test new equipment or machinery, especially cars and aeroplanes .

mountain wind: a wind descending a mountain valley at night

stellar wind: streams of ionized gas particles constantly emitted in all directions by a star

Taranaki wind: natural gas from Taranaki

wind machine: a machine used, esp in the theatre, to produce wind or the sound of wind

wind-sucking: a harmful habit of horses in which the animal arches its neck and swallows a gulp of air

wind turbine: A wind turbine is a type of electric power generator, in which a shaft is made to rotate by the flow of wind over a propeller .

bag of wind: windbag

following wind: a wind that is moving in the same direction as the course of a vessel etc

in the wind: If something is in the wind, it is likely to happen.

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Однокоренные слова:

wind down - сводить на нет, процесс, постепенно сходить на нет, помалу исчезать
wind off - отматывать, разматывать, разматываться
wind up - заводиться, заводить, ликвидировать, ликвидироваться, завершать, наматывать

Связанные слова: