Noun: вино цвет красного вина студенческая пирушка
Adjective: винный
Verb: пить вино угощать вином поить вином


to drown one's sorrows (in wine) - заливать своё горе (вином)

an elegant wine - отменное вино

empty wine-bottle - пустая винная бутылка

full of wine - полный вина

wine glass - бокал для вина

wine grape - технический, винный виноград

the wine, sweet but headachy - вино, приятное, но от него болит голова

heady wine - крепкое вино

high grade wine - высокосортное вино

new wine - молодое вино

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The wine worked. - Вино подействовало (опьянило).

We got drunk on wine. - Мы опьянели от вина.

This is a serious wine. - Это классное вино.

Wine is made from grape. - Вино делают из винограда.

The wine was doped. - В вино что-то подмешали.

Yugoslavian wine - Югославское вино

An oak cask for wine - Дубовый бочонок для вина

I prefer red wine to white. - Я предпочитаю красное вино белому.

Age matures a good wine. - С возрастом хорошее вино вызревает.

We drank a bottle of wine. - Мы выпили бутылку вина.

We drank a carafe of wine. - Мы выпили графин вина.

Wine doesn't agree with me. - Мне нельзя пить вина.

'More wine?' 'Yes, please.' - - Еще вина? - Да, пожалуйста.

The wine made her feel hot. - От вина ей стало жарко.

Cheap wine gives me a headache. - От дешёвого вина у меня (всегда) болит голова.

The wine glass shattered - Винный бокал разлетелся вдребезги.

The wine is rather tart. - Вино довольно терпкое / резкое.

What defines a good wine? - Что характеризует хорошее вино? / Какие признаки у хорошего вина?

The wine had a real kick. - Вино реально вставило /ударило по мозгам/.

the cork of a wine bottle - пробка от винной бутылки

This wine is very mellow. - Это вино очень хорошо выдержанное.

It's a light, fresh wine. - Это лёгкое, свежее вино.

Could you bring the wine? - Вы не могли бы принести вино?

They drank a cask of wine. - Они выпили бочонок вина.

The wine had been drugged. - В вино были подмешаны наркотики.

a glass brimful of red wine - наполненный до краёв бокал красного вина

The wine left a dark stain. - От вина осталось тёмное пятно.

She poured a glass of wine. - Она налила бокал вина.

He got drunk on cheap wine. - Он напился допьяна дешёвым вином.

I hope he remembers the wine. - Надеюсь, что он не забудет про вино.

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Связанные термины:

dry wine: Dry wine is wine that does not have a sweet taste .

fine wine: Wine is an alcoholic drink which is made from grapes . You can also refer to alcoholic drinks made from other fruits or vegetables as wine .

jug wine: inexpensive wine sold in jugs or large bottles

May wine: a punch made of white wine flavored with woodruff and garnished with fresh fruit, traditionally strawberries

palm wine: (esp in W Africa) the sap drawn from the palm tree, esp when allowed to ferment

red wine: wine having a predominantly red colour derived from the skin pigment in the red or purple grapes used in making it

rice wine: an alcoholic drink made from fermented rice

rosé wine: Rosé wine is wine that is pink in color .

sip wine: Wine is an alcoholic drink which is made from grapes . You can also refer to alcoholic drinks made from other fruits or vegetables as wine .

wine bag: wineskin

wine bar: A wine bar is a place where people can buy and drink wine, and sometimes eat food as well .

wine box: wine sold in a cubic carton, usually of three-litre capacity, having a plastic lining and a tap for dispensing

wine cask: a strong wooden barrel used to hold wine

wine gum: any of a variety of gumdrops coloured and flavoured to suggest types of wines but containing no alcohol

wine list: a list of the wines available in a particular restaurant, wine bar, etc

wine palm: any of various palm trees, the sap of which is used, esp when fermented, as a drink

wine rack: a framework for holding a number of bottles of wine in a horizontal position

wine red: a dark red colour, sometimes with a purplish tinge

Adam's wine: British → a dialect word for water

altar wine: See sacramental wine

barley wine: an exceptionally strong beer

blush wine: any of certain wines similar in style to dry white wine although slightly pink in color : made like rosé from red-wine grapes, and often named by the grape's name preceded bywhite,” as white zinfandel

drink wine: Wine is an alcoholic drink which is made from grapes . You can also refer to alcoholic drinks made from other fruits or vegetables as wine .

ginger wine: an alcoholic drink made from fermented bruised ginger, sugar, and water

house wine: a wine sold unnamed by a restaurant, at a lower price than wines specified on the wine list

mulled wine: wine heated with sugar and spices, often served at Christmas

Rhine wine: any of several wines produced along the banks of the Rhine, characteristically a white table wine such as Riesling

still wine: any nonsparkling table wine

straw wine: any of several wines made from grapes dried on straw mats to increase their sugar strength

table wine: Table wine is fairly cheap wine that is drunk with meals.

tonic wine: a wine, usually fortified, generally consumed for its supposed invigorating effects

white wine: wine made from pale grapes or from black grapes separated from their skins

wine bucket: A wine bucket is a container that holds ice cubes or cold water and ice. You can use it to put bottles of wine in and keep the wine cool .

wine cellar: a place, such as a dark cool cellar, where wine is stored

wine cooler: a bucket-like vessel containing ice in which a bottle of wine is placed to be cooled

wine expert: a person with extensive knowledge of wine

wine gallon: a former unit of capacity equal to 231 cubic inches

wine glass: A wine glass is a glass, usually with a narrow stem, which you use for drinking wine.

wine press: a vat in which grapes are trodden, or a machine for pressing them, to extract the juice for making wine

wine region: A region is a large area of land that is different from other areas of land, for example because it is one of the different parts of a country with its own customs and characteristics, or because it has a particular geographical feature .

wine waiter: a waiter in a restaurant who is responsible for serving wine

bottled wine: wine that has been transferred from barrel to bottle

chateau wine: a wine produced from any of certain vineyards in the Bordeaux region of France

dessert wine: A dessert wine is a sweet wine, usually a white wine, that is served with dessert.

organic wine: Wine is an alcoholic drink which is made from grapes . You can also refer to alcoholic drinks made from other fruits or vegetables as wine .

vintage wine: the wine obtained from a harvest of grapes referred to by the year involved, the district, or the vineyard

wine-bottling: the process of transferring wine from a large container to individual bottles

wine-colored: having the color of red wine ; dark purplish-red

wine-coloured: of a dark red colour, sometimes with a purplish tinge

wine country: A country is one of the political units which the world is divided into, covering a particular area of land.

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