Preposition: без вне за
Conjunction: если не без того, чтобы
Adverb: снаружи


to increase without bound - возрастать неограниченно

field without characteristic - поле без характеристик

without charge - безвозмездно

without one cognizable face before me - ни одного знакомого лица передо мной

without compunction - без сожаления

conduct without fault - невиновное поведение

without consideration - не учитывая

without contradiction - бесспорно

without / beyond controversy - неоспоримо, бесспорно

to do without sugar - обходиться без сахара

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I can't see you without my glasses. - Без очков я тебя не вижу.

I don't know what I'd do without you. - Я не знаю, что бы я без вас делал.

Won't you be lonely without her? - Разве вам не будет без неё одиноко?

I can't imagine life without a car. - Я не могу представить жизнь без автомобиля.

Don't leave home without your wallet. - Не выходи из дома без кошелька.

She remembered not without a pang that... - Она вспомнила не без угрызений совести, что...

There is a footman without with the horses. - На улице лакей с лошадьми.

Do you take your coffee with sugar or without? - Вам кофе с сахаром или без?

These cookies are made without flour. - Эти печенья сделаны без использования муки.

Try doing the math without a calculator. - Попробуй cделать расчёт без калькулятора.

The rest of the group set off without him. - Остальная группа отправилась без него.

I accepted his offer without a moment's hesitation. - Я принял его предложение, не задумываясь ни на секунду.

It happened suddenly and without warning. - Это произошло внезапно и без предупреждения.

Without water, there would be no life on Earth. - Без воды на Земле не было бы жизни.

'What do you expect?' he said, without looking at her. - — Чего ты ждёшь? — спросил он, не глядя на неё.

He told his story without anger or bitterness. - Он рассказал свою историю без гнева или обиды.

He had gone out without his parents' permission. - Он вышел на улицу без разрешения родителей.

I got to my destination without too much difficulty. - Я добрался до пункта своего назначения без особых трудностей.

Suddenly and without any warning, the army opened fire. - Внезапно и без всякого предупреждения войска открыли огонь.

The prisoner will be held without bail until his trial. - Заключённый будет содержаться под стражей до суда без возможности поручительства.

Without so much as a word of thanks, Ben turned and went back into the office (=he did not even say thank you as he should have done). - Не сказав ни слова благодарности, Бен развернулся и пошёл обратно в офис (т.е. он даже "спасибо" не сказал, а следовало бы).

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Связанные термины:

do without: If you do without something you need, want, or usually have, you are able to survive, continue, or succeed although you do not have it.

go without: If you go without something that you need or usually have or do, you do not get it or do it.

without cease: without stopping ; incessantly

without demur: If you do something without demur, you do it immediately and without making any protest .

without fail: You use without fail to emphasize that something always happens .

without tears: presented so as to be easily assimilated

reckon without: If you say that you had reckoned without something, you mean that you had not expected it and so were not prepared for it.

without number: of too great a quantity to be counted ; innumerable

without reserve: without reservations ; fully; wholeheartedly

without ceremony: in a casual or informal manner

without exception: You use without exception to emphasize that the statement you are making is true in all cases .

without hesitation: If you say that someone does something without hesitation, you are emphasizing that they do it immediately and willingly.

without obligation: In advertisements, if a product or a service is available without obligation, you do not have to pay for that product or service until you have tried it and are satisfied with it.

without prejudice: without dismissing or detracting from an existing right or claim

without question: If you do something without question, you do it without arguing or asking why it is necessary .

without recourse: a qualified endorsement on such a negotiable instrument, by which the endorser protects himself or herself from liability to subsequent holders

be lost without: If you say that you would be lost without someone or something, you mean that you would be unhappy or unable to work properly without them.

go without saying: to be so obvious as to need no explanation

song without words: a song which only consists of a tune or melody and does not have any lyrics

without (a) doubt: If you say that something is true without doubt or without a doubt, you are emphasizing that it is definitely true.

without a hitch: smoothly, easily, and successfully

without a murmur: If someone does something without a murmur, they do it without complaining .

without qualification: If something is stated or accepted without qualification, it is stated or accepted as it is, without the need for any changes.

without regard to: without considering

world without end: for ever

absent without leave: absent from duty without official permission but with no intention of deserting

deaf without speech: (usually of a prelingually deaf person) able to utter sounds but not speak

goes without saying: If something goes without saying, it is obvious .

without detriment to: If something happens without detriment to a person or thing, it does not harm or damage them.

without further ado: If you do something without further ado or without more ado, you do it at once and do not discuss or delay it any longer.

without prejudice to: If you take an action without prejudice to an existing situation, your action does not change or harm that situation.

no smoke without fire: the evidence strongly suggests something has indeed happened

beyond doubt: You say that something is beyond doubt or beyond reasonable doubt when you are certain that it is true and it cannot be contradicted or disproved .

beyond price: invaluable or priceless

cease: If something ceases, it stops happening or existing .

disappear without a trace: If you say that someone or something disappears without a trace, you mean that they stop existing or stop being successful very suddenly and completely.

it goes without saying: said to mean that something is so obvious that it does not need to be said or explained

make bricks without straw: to do a job, or try to do it, without the proper resources that are needed for it

Minister without portfolio: A minister without portfolio is a politician who is given the rank of minister without being given responsibility for any particular area of a government's activities.

that goes without saying: that is obvious or self-evident

without missing a beat: without pausing or hesitating

without rhyme or reason: happening without any logical or obvious reason

beyond compare: If you describe something as beyond compare, you mean that it is extremely good or extremely great .

taxation without representation: a phrase, generally attributed to James Otis about 1761, that reflected the resentment of American colonists at being taxed by a British Parliament to which they elected no representatives and became an anti-British slogan before the American Revolution ; in full, “ Taxation without representation is tyranny ”

there's no smoke without fire where there's smoke there's fire: If someone says there's no smoke without fire or where there's smoke there's fire, they mean that there are rumours or signs that something is true so it must be at least partly true.

to sink without trace sink without a trace: If you say that someone or something sinks without trace or sinks without a trace, you mean that they stop existing or stop being successful very suddenly and completely.

I don't want to/without wanting to: People sometimes say ' I don't want to be rude ', for example, or ' without wanting to be rude' as a way of apologizing or warning you when they are going to say something which might upset, annoy, or worry you.

rhyme or reason: If something happens or is done without rhyme or reason, there seems to be no logical reason for it to happen or be done.

you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs: said to mean that it is impossible to achieve something without there being bad or unpleasant side-effects

up the creek: If someone is up the creek, they are in a bad or difficult situation, or are wrong in some way. You can also say that someone is up the creek without a paddle .

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