Noun: женщина баба служанка женственность


this room needs a woman's touch - этой комнате не хватает женской руки; в этой комнате не чувствуется присутствия женщины

a bossy woman - командирша, властная женщина

a dilapidated pair of woman's shoes - развалившаяся (сношенная) пара женских туфель

fashionable woman - модница

the old woman is picking her geese - идёт снег

an impeccably groomed woman - безукоризненно выглядящая женщина

woman with a headdress of flowers - женщина с украшением из цветов на голове

a woman with history - женщина с прошлым

a woman of great insight - необыкновенно проницательная женщина

likely young woman - привлекательная молодая женщина

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She is a very determined woman. - Она очень решительная женщина.

Any woman sighs for a man. - Каждая женщина сохнет по какому-нибудь мужчине.

She is an uncommon woman. - Это необыкновенная женщина.

She was a flop of a woman. - Она была, что называется, женщина в теле.

He was faithful to his woman. - Он был верен своей женщине.

Do they have a cleaning woman? - У них есть уборщица?

She is a grown woman. - Она взрослая женщина.

The mugger assaulted the woman. - Грабитель напал на эту женщину.

She is an extremely moral woman. - Она чрезвычайно высоконравственная женщина.

She is a highly educated woman. - Это очень образованная женщина.

She was a tall slip of a woman. - Она была высокой, худой женщиной.

I'm sure he's got another woman. - Я точно знаю, что у него есть другая женщина.

She is a volatile woman. - Она ветреная женщина.

a very forward young woman - очень нахальная девушка

a woman of great wit and charm - женщина большого остроумия и обаяния

She's a presentable young woman. - Она респектабельная молодая женщина.

I'd believe anything of that woman! - От этой женщины я ожидаю, чего угодно!

She's a very unselfish young woman. - Это очень бескорыстная девушка.

The conceit of the woman! - Ну и самомнение у этой женщины!

I was the only woman there. - Я была там единственной женщиной.

The woman gently tugged his arm. - Женщина осторожно потянула его за руку.

That woman is rotten to the core! - Эта женщина испорчена до мозга костей!

A woman came to unpeg the clothes. - Пришла женщина снять бельё с верёвки.

The captain hates "a woman's gab". - Капитан не выносит женской болтовни.

He deserted her for another woman. - Он бросил её ради другой женщины.

"Good morning," said the woman behind the counter. - — Доброе утро, — сказала женщина за стойкой.

a young woman pushing a pram - молодая женщина, которая толкает коляску

a woman with long, lank hair - женщина с длинными и тонкими волосами

the old woman's shriveled skin - морщинистая кожа старухи

She was branded a loose woman. - Её заклеймили "распущенной".

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Связанные термины:

old woman: If you refer to someone, especially a man, as an old woman, you are critical of them because you think they are too anxious about things.

one-woman: A one-woman performance or business is done by only one woman, rather than by several people.

the woman: feminine nature or feelings

yes-woman: If you describe a woman as a yes-woman, you dislike the fact that she seems always to agree with people who have authority over her, in order to gain favour .

fancy woman: a person's female lover

front woman: If you say that someone is a front woman for a group or organization, you mean that their role is to represent and give a good impression of it to the public, especially when it is not very respectable or popular .

inner woman: a woman's mind, soul, or nature

other woman: a woman who is romantically or sexually involved with another woman's husband or lover, esp. a woman who is having an affair with a married man

stunt woman: A stunt woman is a woman whose job is to do dangerous things, either for publicity, or in a film instead of an actor so that the actor does not risk being injured .

tally-woman: a mistress

well-woman: a woman who, although not ill, attends a health-service clinic for preventive monitoring, health education, and advice

widow woman: a woman who has survived her spouse, esp one who has not remarried

woman-hater: a person who has an irrational hatred of women

woman to woman: A woman-to-woman conversation or meeting takes place between two women, especially two women who meet to discuss a serious personal matter .

career woman: A career woman is a woman who regards her job and progressing in it as very important .

little woman: → the little woman

painted woman: a woman whose appearance suggests she is promiscuous

scarlet woman: a sinful woman described in Revelation 17, interpreted as a figure either of pagan Rome or of the Roman Catholic Church regarded as typifying vice overlaid with gaudy pageantry

to a woman: If you say that a group of women are, do, or think something to a woman, you are emphasizing that every one of them is, does, or thinks that thing.

woman doctor: a female doctor

woman driver: a female driver

woman friend: a female friend

woman teacher: a female schoolteacher

woman writer: A writer is a person who writes books, stories, or articles as a job.

cleaning woman: A cleaning woman is the same as a → cleaner [sense 1 ] .

woman suffrage: the right of women to vote in governmental elections

my good woman: People sometimes address a woman as my dear woman or my good woman . This form of address is often friendly, but can also suggest that the speaker feels superior to the person being addressed, and is best avoided .

one-woman show: a show or performance performed by one woman

Renaissance woman: If you describe a woman as a Renaissance woman, you mean that she has a wide range of abilities and interests, especially in the arts and sciences .

right-hand woman: Someone's right-hand woman is the woman who acts as their chief assistant and helps and supports them a lot in their work.

the little woman: to marry (a woman)

the other woman: the woman with whom a married man had or is having an affair

well-woman clinic: a health-service clinic for preventive monitoring, health education, and advice for women

woman of letters: a woman engaged in literary pursuits, esp. a professional writer

oilwoman: An oilwoman is a woman who owns an oil company or who works in the oil business .

be your own woman: If you say that a woman is her own woman, you approve of the fact that she makes her plans and decisions herself, and does not depend on other people.

one-woman performance: a show or performance performed by one woman

sound effects woman: a woman who produces sounds artificially or reproduces them from a recording, etc, to create a theatrical effect, such as the bringing together of two halves of a hollow coconut shell to simulate a horse's gallop . Such sound effects are used in plays, films, etc

woman enough to/for: If you say that a woman is woman enough to do something, you mean that she has the necessary courage or ability to do it.

woman in the street: the average woman

woman of easy virtue: a sexually available woman, esp a prostitute

woman of the streets: a prostitute

woman police constable: a policewoman of the lowest rank

weatherwoman: A weatherwoman is a woman who presents weather forecasts at regular times on television or radio.

make an honest woman of: to marry (a woman, esp one who is pregnant ) to prevent scandal

Renaissance man (or woman): a highly cultivated man (or woman) who is skilled and well-versed in many fields of knowledge, work, etc., as in the arts and sciences

man about town: If you describe someone as a man about town or a woman about town, you mean that they are sophisticated, like to go out and spend money, and have a busy social life.

women's rights: the rights, claimed by and for women, of equal privileges and opportunities with men

a man/woman of his/her word: If you refer to someone as a man of his word or a woman of her word, you mean that they always keep their promises and can be relied on.

man of the world: If you say that someone is a man of the world or a woman of the world, you mean that they are experienced and know about the practical or social aspects of life, and are not easily shocked by immoral or dishonest actions.

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Однокоренные слова:

womanhood - женственность, женщины, женские качества, женский пол, женская зрелость
womanish - женский, женоподобный
womanlike - женственный, женоподобный
womanly - женственный, нежный, мягкий
womanism - феминизм
womanize - вести распутный образ жизни, распутничать, придать женские черты

Связанные слова: