Noun: вона


won by a hair - выиграл с минимальным преимуществом

it won't hold water - это не выдерживает никакой критики

won't I just give it him! - вот я ему задам!

it won't be long - это ненадолго

hard-won victory - победа, давшаяся с трудом

it won't work - это не выйдет

he won't set the Thames on fire - он звезд с неба не хватает

this sort of work won't do for him - эта работа ему не подойдёт

that theory won't wash - эта теория не выдерживает критики

the matter won't wait - дело не требует отлагательства

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With that move it's a won game. - Этот ход позволяет выиграть игру.

Связанные термины:

win: If you win something such as a competition, battle, or argument, you defeat those people you are competing or fighting against, or you do better than everyone else involved.

winned: to dry ( grain, hay, peat, etc) by exposure to sun and air

rewin: to win again

wont: If someone is wont to do something, they often or regularly do it.

won ton: a dumpling filled with spiced minced pork, usually served in soup

hard-won: If you describe something that someone has gained or achieved as hard-won, you mean that they worked hard to gain or achieve it.

win back: If you win back something that you have lost, you get it again, especially as a result of a great effort .

win out: If something or someone wins out or wins through, they are successful after a competition or struggle .

win over: If you win someone over or win them round, you persuade them to support you or agree with you.

won't be long: If you say that someone won't be long, you mean that you think they will arrive or be back soon . If you say that it won't be long before something happens, you mean that you think it will happen soon.

won't have a bar of: cannot tolerate ; dislike

win through to: If you win through to a particular position or stage of a competition, you achieve it after a great effort or by defeating opponents .

it won't hurt/it never hurts: If you say ' It won't hurt to do something' or ' It never hurts to do something', you are recommending an action which you think is helpful or useful .

won't/wouldn't hear of sth: If you say that you won't hear of someone doing something, you mean that you refuse to let them do it.

you wouldn't/won't catch me: You can say things such as ' You wouldn't catch me doing that ' to emphasize that you would never do a particular thing.

someone has won the battle, but lost the war: said to mean that in a struggle, someone has gained one small thing but lost something that is much more important

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Однокоренные слова:

wonner - победитель, первый призер, лауреат, отличная штука