Verb: работать трудиться действовать заниматься
Noun: работа труд деятельность дело


to work bugs out of equipment - отлаживать оборудование

labour / work camp - исправительно-трудовой лагерь

to cease work - прекращать работу

to work out a cease-fire - составлять соглашение о прекращении огня

to clear for top-secret work - допускать на сверхсекретную работу

to take off one's coat to (the) work - горячо взяться за работу

in the course of the work - на протяжении работы

to cull the best passages from the work - отобрать лучшие места из работы

to dedicate oneself to charity work - посвятить себя благотворительности

diligent in one's work - старательный, проявляющий усердие в работе

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I work here. - Я работаю здесь.

It won't work. - Этот номер не пройдёт. / Так не получится.

people at work - люди за работой

The wine worked. - Вино подействовало (опьянило).

He hates to work. - Он ненавидит работать.

I work shifts. - Я работаю посменно.

I can't get the heater to work. - Я не могу заставить нагреватель работать.

His plan didn't work. - Его план не сработал.

Jeff loves his work. - Джефф обожает свою работу.

Who do you work for? - На кого ты работаешь?

Where do you work? - Где ты работаешь?

He did sloppy work. - Он небрежно выполнил работу.

I need a ride to work. - Мне нужно съездить на работу.

He starts work at 4am. - Он начинает работать в четыре часа утра.

They are still at work. - Они всё ещё на работе.

I get off work at five. - Я заканчиваю работу в пять.

He got a raise at work. - Он получил повышение на работе.

That was quick work! - Вот это быстро сработано!

I set off for work. - Я отправился на работу.

My wife never worked. - Моя жена никогда не работала.

She was tardy to work. - Она опоздала на работу.

He is new to the work. - Он ещё не освоился с работой.

Keep up the good work. - Продолжайте в том же духе. / Продолжайте работать так же хорошо.

The pump will not work. - Насос не работает.

Do you cycle to work? - Вы ездите на работу на велосипеде?

I work a ten-hour day. - Я работаю по десять часов в день.

They work at a bakery. - Они работают в пекарне.

This sure beats work! - Конечно, это лучше, чем работать!

It was a nice piece of work. - Это было прекрасное произведение искусства.

Federal Work Agency - Федеральное управление по трудоустройству (в США)

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

at work: If someone is at work they are doing their job or are busy doing a particular activity.

work in: If you work one substance into another or work it in, you add it to the other substance and mix the two together thoroughly.

work on: to persuade or influence or attempt to persuade or influence

work up: If you work yourself up, you make yourself feel very upset or angry about something.

cold work: the craft of shaping metal without heat

desk work: work done at a desk

hot-work: to shape (metal) when hot

make-work: (designating) a job, project, or assignment that serves no useful purpose other than to give an otherwise idle or unemployed person something to do

part work: a series of magazines issued as at weekly or monthly intervals, which are designed to be bound together to form a complete course or book

scut work: work that is regarded as tedious and routine or menial

stop-work: a temporary cessation of work as a form of protest

work area: the place where a person, or people work

work back: to work overtime

work camp: a camp set up for young people who voluntarily do manual work on a worthwhile project

work farm: a farm on which the workers are short-term prisoners convicted of less serious crimes

work file: a temporary file that holds data during processing

work off: If you work off energy, stress, or anger, you get rid of it by doing something that requires a lot of physical effort.

work out: If you work out a solution to a problem or mystery, you manage to find the solution by thinking or talking about it.

work over: To work someone over means to beat them very violently.

work-rule: a form of industrial action in which employees adhere strictly to all the working rules laid down by their employers, with the deliberate intention of reducing the rate of working

work-shy: If you describe someone as work-shy, you disapprove of them because you think they are lazy and do not want to work.

work song: a folk song sung by laborers, as in the fields, with a marked rhythm matching the rhythm of their work

work visa: A visa is an official document, or a stamp put in your passport, which allows you to enter or leave a particular country.

work week: A work week is the amount of time during a normal week which you spend doing your job .

work-worn: roughened by hard work

bench work: work done at a workbench, worktable, etc., as in a factory or laboratory

casual work: temporary, as opposed to permanent or regular, employment

close work: work that involves focusing your eyes on a nearby object, such as a book or computer screen, for a prolonged period of time

course work: Course work is work that students do during a course, rather than in exams, especially work that counts towards a student's final grade .

dirty work: unpleasant or illicit activity

donkey work: If you do the donkey work, you do the hard work or the less interesting part of the work that needs to be done.

drawn work: ornamental needlework done by drawing threads out of the fabric and using the remaining threads to form lacelike patterns

group work: a method, used by professional social workers, of aiding a group or members of a group toward individual adjustment and increased participation in community activity by exploiting the mechanisms of group life

grunt work: If you do the grunt work, you do the hard work or the less interesting part of the work that needs to be done.

hotel work: any of various jobs required in a hotel, such as receptionists, waiters, etc

life's work: Someone's life's work or life work is the main activity that they have been involved in during their life, or their most important achievement.

manual work: work involving the hands, as opposed to an office job, for example

night work: work that is done or undertaken at night-time, as by workers on night shift, etc

number work: simple arithmetic and similar mathematical procedures as used and studied at primary level

office work: work normally carried out in an office, for example clerical or administrative work for an organization

police work: the everyday duties of police officers, esp the investigation of criminal activities

relief work: the work carried out by charities providing aid for people in need, esp in disaster areas

rough work: a preliminary work in preparation for a sketch, report, piece of work, etc

social work: Social work is work which involves giving help and advice to people with serious family problems or financial problems.

strap work: decorative work resembling interlacing straps

work basket: a basket for holding sewing equipment

work ethic: An ethic of a particular kind is an idea or moral belief that influences the behaviour, attitudes, and philosophy of a group of people.

work habits: A habit is something that you do often or regularly.

work-harden: to increase the strength or hardness of (a metal) by a mechanical process, such as tension, compression, or torsion

work order: an order authorizing specific work, repairs, etc., to be done

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Однокоренные слова:

work away - продолжать работать
work in - соответствовать, прокладывать себе дорогу, проникать, вставлять, вводить
work off - отделаться от, отрабатывать, вымещать, освобождаться от, распродавать, сбывать
work on - обрабатывать, продолжать работать, влиять
work out - разработать, разрабатывать, вырабатывать, отрабатывать, решать, срабатывать
work over - перерабатывать, переделывать, избить
work up - обрабатывать, разрабатывать, завоевывать, добиваться, отделывать, взвинтить

Связанные слова: