Adverb: хуже сильнее
Noun: худшее
Adjective: худший


change for the worse - перемена к худшему, ухудшение, падение, регресс, спад

in drink, the worse for drink - в пьяном виде, пьяный

much worse - намного хуже

not a penny the worse - нисколько не хуже

to be worse than one's word - нарушать слово

change / turn for the worse - перемена к худшему

worse than death - очень плохой

a degree better / worse - чуть лучше / хуже

to take a turn for the worse - измениться к худшему, ухудшиться

to make somebody worse - залечивать

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I feel worse today. - Сегодня мне хуже.

Worse cannot happen. - Ничего худшего не может случиться.

He became a lot worse. - Ему стало намного хуже.

Things could be worse. - Все могло быть и хуже.

This one is no worse than that one. - Этот ничем не хуже, чем тот.

You'll only make bad worse. - Вы же сделаете ещё хуже.

If she's worse in the morning, I'll call the doctor. - Если утром ей станет хуже, я вызову врача.

By lunch time it was raining worse than ever. - К обеду дождь пошёл ещё сильнее прежнего.

You drive worse than he does. - Ты водишь хуже, чем он.

Could the situation get any worse? - Могло ли всё стать ещё хуже?

My health has been materially worse. - Моё здоровье значительно ухудшилось.

I think the smell's getting worse. - Кажется, воняет ещё сильнее.

It was worse than they had imagined. - Это было хуже, чем они себе представляли.

The weather was a lot worse this year. - В этом году погода была гораздо хуже.

You may go farther and fare worse. посл. - От добра добра не ищут.

Cheer up. Things could be worse, you know. - Не вешай нос. Ты же понимаешь, что всё могло быть и хуже.

His physical and mental health had got worse. - Его физическое и душевное здоровье ухудшилось.

The road got worse, but they kept going anyway. - Дорога стала хуже, но они всё равно продолжали идти.

My sandals were worse yet. - Мои сандалеты были ещё хуже.

She was hurt worse than I was. - Ей было больнее, чем мне. / Она пострадала сильнее, чем я.

His brag is worse than his fight. - Хвастает он хуже, чем дерётся.

I did much worse on my second try. - Со второй попытки у меня вышло гораздо хуже.

She looked sick and felt even worse. - Она выглядела ужасно, а чувствовала себя ещё хуже.

Call me only if your cold gets worse. - Звоните мне только в том случае, если ваша простуда станет хуже.

The tablets seemed to make him worse. - От таблеток, похоже, ему стало ещё хуже.

Economically the country is worse off. - С точки зрения экономики, в стране стало хуже.

The road is in worse shape than it was. - Данная дорога находится в худшем состоянии, чем была.

The violence was worse than we expected. - Насилие было хуже, чем мы ожидали.

Scratching the itch only makes it worse. - Если почесать, то будет ещё больше чесаться.

The situation became progressively worse. - Ситуация становилась всё хуже и хуже.

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Связанные термины:

bad: Something that is bad is unpleasant, harmful, or undesirable .

badder: not good; of poor quality; inadequate ; inferior

baddest: not good; of poor quality; inadequate ; inferior

badly: If something is done badly or goes badly, it is not very successful or effective .

ill: Someone who is ill is suffering from a disease or a health problem .

illy: badly

worse off: in a worse, esp a worse financial, condition

worse luck!: unhappily; unfortunately

for the worse: into a less desirable or inferior state or condition

make matters worse: If you say that something makes matters worse, you mean that it makes a difficult situation even more difficult.

bad case: A particular case is a particular situation or incident, especially one that you are using as an individual example or instance of something.

badly off: If you are badly off, you are in a bad situation.

bad off: badly off; poor

none the worse for: not harmed by ( adverse events or circumstances )

sb could do worse: If you tell someone that they could do worse than do a particular thing, you are advising them that it would be quite a good thing to do.

the worse for wear: If you say that someone is the worse for wear, you mean that they are tired, ill, or in a bad state because they have been very active, been through a difficult experience, or been drinking alcohol .

for better for worse: whatever the subsequent events or changes may be

go from bad to worse: to deteriorate even more

to change for the worse: If a situation changes for the worse, it becomes more unpleasant or more difficult .

the worse/none the worse for sth: If a person or thing is the worse for something, they have been harmed or badly affected by it. If they are none the worse for it, they have not been harmed or badly affected by it.

all the better (or worse): so much the better (or worse )

to go from bad to worse: If a situation goes from bad to worse, it becomes even more unpleasant or unsatisfactory .

for better or worse for better or for worse: If you say that something has happened or been done for better or worse, you mean that you are not sure whether the consequences will be good or bad, but they will have to be accepted because the action cannot be changed.

someone's bark is worse than their bite: If you say that someone's bark is worse than their bite, you mean that they seem much more unpleasant or hostile than they really are.

his or her bark is worse than his or her bite: he or she is bad-tempered but harmless

take a turn for the worse/take a turn for the better: If a situation takes a turn for the worse, it suddenly becomes worse. If a situation takes a turn for the better, it suddenly becomes better.

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Однокоренные слова:

worse off - в наихудшем положении

Связанные слова: