Adjective: неправильный неверный ошибочный несправедливый
Adverb: неправильно неверно
Noun: неправильность зло ошибочность несправедливость
Verb: вредить обижать быть несправедливым причинять зло


bad / sorry / wrong choice - неправильный, ошибочный выбор

in with the wrong crowd - в плохой компании

the wrong way about - задом наперёд, шиворот-навыворот, не с того конца

wrong direction - неправильное направление

a pile of logs dumped in the wrong place - куча брёвен, сваленная не там, где надо

to stroke the fur the wrong way - вызывать раздражение

to go the wrong way - идти не тем путём

erroneous / false / inaccurate / wrong impression - ошибочное мнение

to know right from wrong - отличать правильное от неправильного

patently wrong - явно ложный

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What's wrong with it? - Что не так? / Чем это плохо?

My watch is wrong. - Мои часы идут неправильно.

I'm afraid you're wrong. - Боюсь, вы ошибаетесь.

They gave me the wrong size. - Они дали мне не тот размер.

My liver is wrong. - У меня что-то не в порядке с печенью.

You've spelt my name wrong. - Вы неправильно написали моё имя. / Моё имя пишется не так.

Those who do wrong should be punished. - Злодеи (букв. те, кто творит зло) должны быть наказаны.

That is the wrong answer. - Это неправильный ответ.

He took the wrong street. - Он пошёл не по той улице.

I was wrong in her eyes. - С её точки зрения, я был неправ.

Sorry, I spelled it wrong. - Простите, я неверно написал.

You look serious. What's wrong? - Ты сегодня какой-то серьёзный. Что случилось?

There's something wrong with the car again. - Опять с машиной что-то не в порядке.

The sign was the wrong way up. - Вывеска висела вверх ногами.

He's too young to know right from wrong. - Он ещё слишком молод /не дорос/, чтобы отличать, что правильно, а что — нет.

Have I guessed right or wrong? - Я угадал или нет?

He knows now that he was wrong. - Теперь он знает, что был неправ.

You know you're wrong! Admit it! - Вы знаете, что вы неправы! Признайте это!

You're wrong; the answer is six. - Вы ошибаетесь, ответ — шесть.

Nathan adored her, and she could do no wrong in his eyes. - Натан её просто обожал; в его глазах она была непогрешимой.

Are you inferring that I'm wrong? - Вы намекаете, что я не прав? (разг. infer = imply)

You're wrong, and I can prove it. - Вы не правы, и я могу это доказать.

You are plainly wrong - Вы в корне неправы

the wrong side of the road - встречная полоса дороги

I entered the numbers wrong. - Я неправильно ввёл числа.

You've spelled my name wrong. - Вы написали мое имя неправильно.

I think I got question 3 wrong. - По-моему, я неправильно понял вопрос номер три.

The whole calculation is wrong. - Весь расчёт неверен.

I saw plainly that I was wrong. - Я чётко осознал, что был неправ.

Which driver was in the wrong? - Какой водитель был неправ?

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Связанные термины:

get wrong: to fail to understand properly

go wrong: If a situation goes wrong, it stops progressing in the way that you expected or intended, and becomes much worse .

wrong 'un: a dishonest or unscrupulous person

wrong-foot: If you wrong-foot someone, you surprise them by putting them into an unexpected or difficult situation.

wrong fount: an error in which a type of the wrong face or size is used

wrong idea: An idea is a plan, suggestion, or possible course of action.

wrong path: A path that you take is a particular course of action or way of achieving something.

wrong place: A place is any point, building, area, town, or country.

wrong size: The size of something is how big or small it is. Something's size is determined by comparing it to other things, counting it, or measuring it.

wrong sort: If you talk about a particular sort of something, you are talking about a class of things that have particular features in common and that belong to a larger group of related things.

wrong address: Your address is the number of the house, flat, or apartment and the name of the street and the town where you live or work.

wrong button: Buttons are small hard objects sewn on to shirts, coats, or other pieces of clothing. You fasten the clothing by pushing the buttons through holes called buttonholes .

wrong-headed: If you describe someone as wrong-headed, you mean that although they act in a determined way, their actions and ideas are based on wrong judgments.

wrong message: The message that someone is trying to communicate, for example in a book or play, is the idea or point that they are trying to communicate.

wrong number: a telephone number wrongly connected or dialled in error or the person so contacted

wrong reason: The reason for something is a fact or situation which explains why it happens or what causes it to happen.

wrong signal: A signal is a gesture, sound, or action which is intended to give a particular message to the person who sees or hears it.

wrong target: To target a particular person or thing means to decide to attack or criticize them.

in the wrong: If someone who is involved in an argument or dispute has behaved in a way which is morally or legally wrong, you can say that they are in the wrong .

put a foot wrong: to make a mistake

the wrong crowd: A particular crowd is a group of friends, or a set of people who share the same interests or job.

the wrong track: the incorrect line of investigation, inquiry, etc

don't get me wrong: You say ' Don't get me wrong ' when you want to make sure that someone does not get an incorrect idea about what you are doing or saying, or about why you are doing or saying it.

on the wrong foot: in an inauspicious manner

on the wrong tack: under a false impression

on the wrong track: acting or progressing in a way that is likely to result in failure

rub the wrong way: to be annoying, irritating, etc. to

back the wrong horse: to support the wrong person, for example the loser in a contest or election

get someone in wrong: to bring someone into disfavor

bark up the wrong tree: to follow the wrong course of action because your beliefs or ideas about something are incorrect

correct me if I'm wrong: You say ' correct me if I'm wrong ' to indicate that you are not entirely sure that what you are about to say is true.

go down the wrong way: (of food) to pass into the windpipe instead of the gullet

not put a foot wrong: If you never put a foot wrong, you never make any mistakes .

rub up the wrong way: to arouse anger in; annoy

wrong end of the stick: a complete misunderstanding of a situation, explanation, etc

get off on the wrong foot: to start a relationship or situation badly

get on the wrong side of: to come into disfavour with

kick with the wrong foot: to be of the opposite religion to that which is regarded as acceptable or to that of the person who is speaking

on the right/wrong track: If you are on the right track, you are acting or progressing in a way that is likely to result in success . If you are on the wrong track, you are acting or progressing in a way that is likely to result in failure .

rub sb up the wrong way: If you rub someone up the wrong way in British English, or rub someone the wrong way in American English, you offend or annoy them without intending to.

be caught on the wrong foot: to be surprised by something that happens quickly and unexpectedly, because you are not ready for it

get someone (or something) wrong: to fail to understand someone (or something) properly

on the wrong end of something: unsuccessful in an activity or situation or at some disadvantage because of it

sb will/can not go far wrong: If you say that someone won't go far wrong or can't go far wrong with a particular thing or course of action, you mean that it is likely to be successful or satisfactory .

the wrong side of the tracks: the unfashionable or poor district or stratum of a community

to get off on the wrong foot: If someone gets off on the wrong foot in a new situation, they make a bad start by doing something in completely the wrong way .

get the wrong end of the stick: to completely misunderstand something

not far wrong not far out/off: Someone or something that is not far wrong, not far out, or not far off is almost correct or almost accurate .

to be barking up the wrong tree: If you say that someone is barking up the wrong tree, you mean that they are following the wrong course of action because their beliefs or ideas about something are incorrect .

get out of bed on the wrong side: to be ill-tempered from the start of the day

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Однокоренные слова:

wrongful - неправомерный, незаконный, неправильный, несправедливый, вредный, преступный
wronged - опозоренный
wrongly - превратно
wrongous - незаконный, неправомерный, несправедливый, противоправный

Связанные слова: