Adjective: молодой юный младший малолетний
Adverb: молодо
Noun: молодежь детеныш


he is young for his age - он молодо выглядит

young fellow - молодой человек

young bird incapable of flight - птенец, не способный летать

young idea - свежая идея

young lad - молодой парень

likely young woman - привлекательная молодая женщина

love's young dream - пылкая и безрассудная любовь

robust young man - здоровый крепкий юноша

a slim young girl about seventeen - стройная девушка лет семнадцати

young / little shaver - юнец, мальчишка

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I was young then. - Тогда я был молод.

A young cat is a kitten. - Детёныша кошки называют котёнком.

He's younger than me. - Он моложе меня.

A young pig is a piglet. - Детёныша свиньи называют поросёнком.

He looks young for his age. - Он выглядит молодо для своего возраста.

Psychology is a young science. - Психология — наука молодая.

The lioness fought to protect her young. - Львица дралась, защищая своих детёнышей.

a book for young people - книга для молодёжи

When I was young , I wanted to be a model. - В молодости я хотела быть моделью.

Only the good die young. - Только хорошие умирают молодыми.

I'm looking for something in a younger style. - Я ищу что-то более молодёжное.

He is young for his age. - Он молодо выглядит для своего возраста.

Val is incredibly young for her age. - Для своего возраста Вэл выглядит невероятно молодо.

At that time, America was still a young nation. - В то время Америка была ещё молодой страной.

Holbein the Younger - Гольбейн Младший

He's a fine young man. - Он прекрасный молодой человек.

Young leopard is a cub. - Молодой леопард - cub.

A young deer is a fawn. - Детеныш оленя называется оленёнком.

A young whale is a calf. - Детёныш кита — китёнок.

A young sheep is a lamb. - Детёныш овцы называется ягнёнком.

She looks young for her age. - Для своего возраста она молодо выглядит.

He was young and tall. - Он был молод и высок.

He's a clean young man. - Он опрятный молодой человек.

Young cattle are calves. - Молодые особи крупного рогатого скота называются телята.

a hot young guitar player - страстный молодой гитарист

a robin feeding her young - малиновка, которая кормит птенцов

a very forward young woman - очень нахальная девушка

He looks young for his years. - Он молодо выглядит для своих лет.

John was a great footballer in his younger days (=when he was younger). - Джон был отличным футболистом в молодости (т.е. когда он был помоложе).

Young men senesce. - Молодые стареют.

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Связанные термины:

young gun: You can use young guns to talk about people, especially young men, who have lots of energy and talent, and are becoming very successful .

young man: a boyfriend ; sweetheart

young one: a child or offspring

with young: (of animals) pregnant

young adult: an age group including persons from about 12 years to about 18 years old: used as a reader category in libraries, book publishing, etc.

young blood: young people who are brought into a company or organization in order to provide new ideas or new talent

young-eyed: having the bright, clear, keen eyes associated with youth

young fogey: a young or fairly young person who adopts the conservative values of an older generation

young hyson: the early crop of a Chinese green tea

young lady: a girlfriend ; sweetheart

young-onset: (of a medical condition) occurring when a person is relatively young, or younger than other people with the condition

young self: A person's self is the essential part of their nature which makes them different from everyone and everything else.

young thing: a young person

Young Turk: a progressive, revolutionary, or rebellious member of an organization, political party, etc, esp one agitating for radical reform

young artist: An artist is a person who creates novels, poems, films, or other things which can be considered as works of art.

young family: A family is a group of people who are related to each other, especially parents and their children.

Young Ireland: a movement or party of Irish patriots in the 1840s who split with Daniel O'Connell because they favoured a more violent policy than that which he promoted

young-looking: having the appearance of youth

young manager: The manager of a sports team is the person responsible for training the players and organizing the way they play. In American English, manager is only used for baseball ; in other sports, → coach is used instead .

young audience: The audience for a television or radio programme consists of all the people who watch or listen to it.

young marrieds: young married people

young offender: a criminal who, according to the law, is not yet an adult but no longer a child

Young Pretender: → Stuart 2

old and young: people of all ages

Young Conservative: a member of the youth section of the United Kingdom Conservative Party

angry young man: one of several British novelists and playwrights of the 1950s who shared a hostility towards the established traditions and ruling elements of their country

angry young men: a group of young writers in Great Britain after WWII, bitterly critical of upper-class and middle-class values, practices, etc.

Young Conservatives: the youth section of the United Kingdom Conservative Party until 1998

Young's modulus: a modulus of elasticity, applicable to the stretching of a wire etc, equal to the ratio of the applied load per unit area of cross section to the increase in length per unit length

bright young things: young, fun-loving, fashionable upper-class people, esp of the 1920s

young-onset dementia: a form of dementia starting before a person is 65 years old

young offender institution: (in Britain ) a place where offenders aged 15 to 21 may be detained and given training, instruction, and work

young offenders institution: (in Britain ) a place where offenders aged 15 to 21 may be detained and given training, instruction, and work

egg foo yong: a Chinese-American dish consisting of eggs beaten and cooked with bean sprouts, onions, minced pork or shrimp, etc.

YC: Young Conservative

Young Men's Christian Association: an international organization that provides sports activities and accommodation for young men

Young Women's Christian Association: an international women's organization that works for the rights and interests of women

new blood/fresh blood/young blood: You can use the expressions new blood, fresh blood, or young blood to refer to people who are brought into an organization to improve it by thinking of new ideas or new ways of doing things.

youth custody centre: (in Britain) a place where offenders aged 15 to 21 may be detained and given training, instruction, and work

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Однокоренные слова:

youngish - моложавый, нестарый, довольно молодой
younger - младший
younglike - моложавый

Связанные слова: