Pronoun: ваш или твой ваш твой


take your choice - выбирайте

my entire coincidence with your opinion - полное согласие с вашим мнением

in compliance with your wish - в соответствии с вашим желанием

dial your favorite program - найди свою любимую программу

man of your inches - человек вашего роста

for your information - чтобы вы знали

the agony of living with debt on your doorstep - изнуряющая постоянными долгами жизнь

you had your innings - ваше время прошло

do it at your leisure - сделайте это, когда вам будет удобно

not on your life - ни в жизнь, никогда

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Is that your bag? - Это ваша сумка?

You cannot alter your nature. - Свою природу не изменишь.

Did you finish your homework? - Ты сделал уроки?

Please wash your hands before dinner. - Пожалуйста, помойте руки перед ужином.

Your Highness - Ваше высочество

Don't worry about meyou've got your own problems. - Обо мне не беспокойтесь: у вас своих забот хватает.

What is your new house like? - Что из себя представляет твой новый дом? / Расскажите о вашем новом доме?

You always manage to impress us with your ideas. - Вам всегда удается произвести на нас впечатление своими идеями.

Your Majesty - Ваше величество

You forgot your wallet at the restaurant. - Вы забыли кошелёк в ресторане.

All of you know your Greek syntax. - Все вы знаете синтаксис греческого языка (в положенном вам объеме).

With your permission, we can take a blood test. - С вашего разрешения, мы можем взять кровь на анализ.

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Связанные термины:

your actual: ( intensifier )

your nineties: the ages between 90–99

do your bit: If you do your bit, you do something that, to a small or limited extent, helps to achieve something.

do your nut: to become very angry about something

do your part: If you do your part, you do something that, to a small or limited extent, helps to achieve something.

in-your-face: Someone who has an in-your-face attitude seems determined to behave in a way that is unusual or shocking, and does not care what people think of them.

on your bike: said to tell someone to go away or stop behaving in a foolish way

on your feet: If you are on your feet, you are standing up.

on your mark: a command given to runners in a race to prepare themselves at the starting line

on your mind: If something is on your mind, you are worried or concerned about it and think about it a lot .

on your side: If something is on your side or if you have it on your side, it helps you when you are trying to achieve something.

on your tod: by yourself, without help from anyone else

to your feet: If you get or rise to your feet, you stand up.

your seventies: the ages between 70–79

at your heels: following close behind you

bet your boots: to be sure or certain

bite your lip: If you bite your lip, you try very hard not to show the anger or distress that you are feeling .

blow your mind: to be extremely exciting, surprising or interesting

blow your top: to become very angry with someone and shout at them

by-your-leave: a request for permission (esp in the phrase without so much as a by-your-leave )

cover your ass: Cover your ass means the same ascover yourback 2 .

drag your feet to drag your heels: If you drag your feet or drag your heels, you delay doing something or do it very slowly because you do not want to do it.

earn your corn: to be successful and therefore justify the money that has been spent, for example on training

eat your words: to be proved to be wrong when you have given an opinion about something

find your feet: to become more confident and learn what to do in a new situation

flip your lid: to become extremely angry or upset about something, and lose control of yourself

haul your wind: to sail closer to the wind

he's your man: he's the person needed (for a particular task, role, job, etc)

hold your fire: If someone holds their fire or holds fire, they stop shooting or they wait before they start shooting.

hold your own: to be able to defend your position against someone who is attacking you or threatening you

in your blood: used for describing something that is a very important part of you and seems natural to you, for example because it is traditional in your family or culture

in your corner: supporting you and helping you

keep your cool to lose your cool: If you keep your cool in a difficult situation, you manage to remain calm . If you lose your cool, you get angry or upset .

keep your head: to remain calm in a difficult situation

lick your lips: to look forward eagerly to a future event

lose your cool: to suddenly get angry and behave in a bad-tempered or uncontrolled way

lose your edge: to no longer have all the advantages and special skills that you had in the past

lose your grip: to lose control over a situation

lose your head: to panic and not remain calm in a difficult situation

lose your rag: to suddenly lose your temper with someone and get very angry

make your mark: to do something which causes you to become noticed or famous

mend your ways: to stop behaving badly or illegally and improve your behaviour

not your type: If you say that someone is not your type, you mean that they are not the sort of person who you usually find attractive.

off your guard: not prepared for something when it happens so that you do not react normally

off your hands: if someone or something is off your hands, you are no longer responsible for them, because another person has taken responsibility for them instead of you

off your head: very strange, foolish, or dangerous

of your dreams: If you describe someone or something as the person or thing of your dreams, you mean that you consider them to be ideal or perfect .

on your guard: If you are on your guard or on guard, you are being very careful because you think a situation might become difficult or dangerous .

on your hands: if you have a problem or task on your hands, you have to deal with it

on your marks: On your marks in British English, or on your mark in American English, is a command given to runners at the beginning of a race in order to get them into the correct position to start .

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